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Group Differential-Algebraic Systems

Our group works on modeling with differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) and numerical discretization methods for DAEs, PDEs, and PDAEs, with applications in science and engineering. Examples are computational multibody dynamics, materials with memory, biomechanical models, and isogeometric finite elements.

We are a part of the Industrial Mathematics Group of the Mathematics Department and also part of the Felix-Klein-Zentrum für Mathematik.


  • Preliminary discussion of the proseminar B-Splines und NURBS
    on Thursday, 23.7, at 13:30 in the seminar room of building 31 (31/302).
    A description of the proseminar can be found here.

  • The next talk of the "Interdisciplinary Seminar Mathematics and Mechanics" in cooperation with the chair of engineering mechanics (Lehrstuhl für Technische Mechanik) will be held by Prof. Dr. Roland Pulch from the "Institut für Mathematik und Informatik" of the University of Greifswald. The topic of the talk is "Modellbildung und Numerik für dynamische Systeme mit Unsicherheiten" (Abstract). The talk will take place on  20.07.2015, 16:15 in room 31-302.

  • New book: Bernd Simeon, Computational Flexible Multibody Dynamics, Springer 2013