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Junior Researchers

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Junior Researchers

From its beginnings, the department of mathematics has put special emphasis on the promotion of young researchers. This is reflected in a remarkable count of more than 50 State Doctorates (Habilitationen) and more than 350 Ph.D. since 1971.

As one of the first departments in Germany, the department of mathematics has made use of Juniorprofessorships as an instrument to promote excellent young researchers. Since installation of this new concept in the 1990's, already 14 Juniorprofessors have taken up employment at the department of mathematics.

The excellent promotion of young researchers has been strongly confirmed by the research training group (DFG-Graduiertenkolleg) „Mathematik und Praxis“ (2001-2011), the project „Nachwuchsring (CM)²“ of the Carl-Zeiss foundation (2008-2011), as well as (in the period 2001-2011) by seventeen appointments to life-time-professorships for young researchers of its faculty.